Dog Training Seminars

We are currently accepting reservations for April Seminar (BOOKED)

APRIL: Puppy Basics – This clinic will include the basics to start training your hunting companion. Subjects will include:

  •  Basic Obedience (Come, Sit/Stay, Down/Stay, Heel, Crate Training)
  • Hunting Conditioning ( sights, sounds, smells, searching, retrieving, water)
  • Training Equipment and Supplies for a happy, healthy well-trained pup

MAY: Intro to Field Work/Hunting – This clinic will include an introduction to fieldwork and the hunt. The dog will be exposed to game, searching a field and cooperating with handler through the earlier learned basic obedience. Subjects will include:

  • Continued Obedience in the field (Cooperation)
  • Continued Hunt conditioning in the field
  • Searching, Working a field, Pointing or Flushing, Retrieving

JUNE: Hunting Prep – This clinic will include refreshers on the previous 2 clinics plus more detailed field work, manners in presence of game, retrieving conditioning and tips for summer exercise and training in the heat. Subjects will include:

  • Continued Obedience and Field Work
  • Staying in range, holding a point or flushing in range
  • Retrieving
  • Introduction to training collar and how to use properly

JULY: Fetch It Up – This clinic will include refreshers on the previous 3 clinics plus include an evaluation of progress so far, problem-solving or extra attention will be handled first before progressing with retrieving conditioning. Subjects will include:

  • Training collar and how to use properly in continued training
  • Evaluations and Problem Solving
  • The Retrieve (Proper hold, Retrieving, Presenting and Releasing)
  • Summer tips for hot weather training

AUGUST: Hunting Tune Up – This clinic will include a breakdown and refresher of the previous clinics. Fieldwork will be continued as we tighten up any loose ends or questions. At this time the dog will be finishing up preparation for its first hunting season. Subjects will include:

  • Evaluations and Problem Solving
  • Tighten up the retrieve
  • Tune up of field work, bird work, obedience and cooperation in the field
  • Staying Healthy in the hunting field
  • Hunt aftercare