Memberships Membership Pricing
Individual Membership
Includes spouse and children under 18, allows 1 guest hunting $200 Year
Corporate Membership
Group consisting of owner/employee (signer) and their guests. (Unlimited hunters, clay shooters per outing, 6 shooters on pistol range at no extra charge, includes $400 gift card) (6 signers per account – 1 signer must be present at time of activity) $1200 Year
Day Use Guest pass required for all non members $30 Day
Clays Only Membership
Includes spouse,children under 18, guests for clay venues only $65 Year


Clays  Member Non-Member
Trap (Standard or Wobble) – 25 Targets $5 $7
Doubles Trap – 50 Targets $10 $14
Skeet – 25 Targets $5 $7
Sporting Clays – 100 Targets / 12 Stations $35 $40
5-Stand – 25 Targets $8 $10
Pistol Range – Members Only $5  Guest of Member $10


Wings Member Prices Non-Member Prices
Pheasants (Mixed Bag) $23 per bird $25 per bird
Pheasants (Roosters) $27 per bird $29 per bird
Pheasants (Hens) $19 per bird $21 per bird
Chukar $19 per bird $21 per bird
Bobwhite Quail $15 per bird $17 per bird
Hungarian Partridge (Huns) NOT AVAILABLE FOR 2019-2020 $19 per bird $21 per bird
A dog with the handler(Guide) – Limit 6 Guns per Dog $25 hour $25 hour

Pro Shop

Pro Shop
Ammo 12 & 20 GA Trap Load $9
Ammo 12 & 20 GA Heavy Load $15
Hats $20
Hoodie $40

Membership FAQ

Do I need a membership to shoot clays or hunt birds?

– No, non members pay a $30 day use fee to hunt and a few dollars more if only shooting clays. No day use fee is required for shooting clays

Do I need a membership to shoot pistols and predator hunt?

– Yes, Membership Only Privileges are: the pistol range, predator and dove hunting

Do I need a hunting license to hunt released birds at the club?

– No, Hunters Education is required but no license is needed. A license is only required if hunting Migratory Game Birds on club property

Are there any restrictions or rules on shot used to shoot clays or hunt birds?

– No, Lead or Steel Shot is fine, we do recommend 7.5 to 8 shot for clays and 4 to 6 shot for hunting. Please pick up your spent hulls!

Do I need an appointment to hunt birds?

– Yes, All hunts are by appointment. Bird Hunting is by appointment only.

Do I need an appointment to shoot clays?

– No, Shooters can arrive anytime during business hours to shoot the clay venues.

Prices subject to change