Puppy Bird Dog Starter Program

Puppy Bird Dog Kickstart Program

(for young inexperienced, unexposed dogs or puppies)

Our Puppy Training program is the best program to help you get started on the right track with your new canine hunting friend! This program is intended for pups between the age of 8 weeks and 6+ months. The earlier you can start training with your new pup, the easier it will be to work with them as they get older.
Our puppy training program is $350 for us to work with your puppy at our training grounds at Wasatch Wing and Clay.
This program includes three private training sessions that each include up to 4 hours of training, conditioning, and exposure, plus socialization and kennel time is spaced about 2 weeks apart from each other. This program includes a free pre-training evaluation.

When working with a dog, we always look at the dog as a whole, rather than just focusing on one specific topic or ability. We combine the use of food, proper motivation, and positive reinforcement with proper structure, leadership, and the right training tools that work best for your dog to create an all-around healthy, structured, happy life in the field for all of the dogs (and their owners) that we work with.

We will use your puppy’s food in combination with positive reinforcement, as well as any other training tools that work best for your puppy, to create a fun, healthy level of focus and motivation.

We will teach you about dog psychology and pack mentality to help you understand how to communicate with your puppy better, and how to read their body language better.

We will teach you the importance of proper conditioning for your puppy, and how proper exposure is necessary for your puppy to be successful in the field.

We will give you a structured, fun, reasonable training schedule for your puppy to follow after they return home, to help them bring everything they learned with us home after each session.

We will walk with your puppy, teaching them to walk by your side with a loose leash
Your pup will learn the commands sit, down, come and stay (with distance and distractions)

We will teach you many different ways to correct your puppy properly when needed

We will talk about the importance of crate training and how it can be safe transportation to the field, safety at home and extremely beneficial to creating a calmer, happier dog.

We will expose your puppy to the sights and sounds of the hunting field. Your puppy will be exposed to gunfire, bird scent, game birds, various types of terrain, habitat, and cover.

We will condition your puppy to searching, pointing or flushing and retrieving using our tips and techniques paired with your pups natural abilities.

We will work on any minor behavior problems you may be having (chewing, digging, barking, potty training, etc)

*Any dogs that set foot in our training grounds must be up to date on their vaccines. Puppies must have at the very least their first set of vaccines. Proof of vaccines in required before any of our services can be provided, including training, group classes, etc. If you have any questions in regards to vaccines, please let us know!
*All training programs come with our lifetime support guarantee! We are here to assist you for the life of your dog, answering questions you may have via phone, text message, or email. We care about the success and happiness of you and your pup, and do our best to be there for you when you need us.
**We accept cash, check, or credit card.**
**All training programs and program prices subject to change at any time for any reason**